Prevent Injuries by Scheduling Concrete Lifting Services

We'll get rid of potholes and other tripping hazards in Raleigh, Cary or Durham, NC

Sloping or uneven concrete can create a serious safety risk on your property. Plus, potholes and other types of concrete damage will harm your curb appeal. Get mudjacking services from ExactJack Concrete Lifting & Leveling. We'll inject concrete into the surface of your property to lift and restructure it .

You need strong concrete surfaces to support your home or building in Raleigh, Cary or Durham, North Carolina. Get more information today by calling 919-851-4500.

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How does concrete lifting work?

Concrete lifting isn’t an easy process. You need a professional team to make sure everything is done safely and properly.

To lift your concrete surface, our team will...

  • Drill holes into the existing concrete.
  • Inject mudjacking material into the surface to lift it.
  • Seal the holes and let the new concrete set.

Make sure your concrete surfaces have the support they need. Speak with a team member at ExactJack Concrete Lifting & Leveling today.