Why did my concrete settle?

Short cuts in preparation, improperly compacted soil fills, expansive clay, tree root systems, change in soil moisture levels, and erosion all can lead to your concrete being unlevel.

How much does concrete leveling cost?

For most of our customers this is the most important question. Although every job is unique,
poly lifting and leveling is a great value costing less than half of replacing your existing concrete, without the time and disruption associated with ripping out and re-pouring new concrete and disposing of the old concrete.

I've heard the terms slab jacking or mud jacking, is this similar?

Yes, slab jacking with mud has been in place since the 1930's and has previously been the only method for repairing settled and uneven concrete [short of ripping out and re-pouring new concrete], but it only yielded a temporary fix and often resulted in a short life expectancy with higher costs
down the road. Polyurethane is vastly different in technology, performance, and capability. Polyurethane is not affected by water or moisture and adds very little additional weight to the affected area. Polymer technology revolutionized the industry offering a faster, cleaner, highly controlled, and permanent solution.

What makes ExactJack Concrete Lifting & Leveling a green company?

What makes ExactJack Concrete Lifting & Leveling a green company?

ExactJack repairs existing concrete. Preparing for and re-pouring new concrete is a very labor and energy intensive process. When cement, which is a major component of concrete, cures its calcium carbonate decomposes into lime and CO2. Not to mention that used concrete is classified as a hazardous material and must be transported and disposed of in our landfills. Our polymers are manufactured using recycled materials and our bio-polyols come from renewable-based organic materials. Our product is NOT petroleum based! The polyurethane foam is inert, non-toxic, self-contained and poses no negative environmental impact.